Yoga for the shoulders and back

The asanas (yoga exercises) are done in rhythm with the breathing and are combined in a single flow. During this yoga class the whole body as well as its certain parts are well trained, the strength exercises alternating with stretching. The accent of the course is on the neck-shoulders area as well as on the strengthening of the back.

Current classes: Monday at 18:30 through ZOOM (online).


Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga helps not only to go through the pregnancy fit and healthy but also to prepare body and mind for the labour as well as to deepen the contact with the baby.  During the course we are going to practise yoga asanas in a soft flow, work with breath and do relaxation exercises so that you can perceive the changes of this special period of your life both on physical and mental levels. The accent of the course is on the back and hips. The course is suitable both for beginners and advanced yogi.

Current classes: Tuesday and Friday at 10:00 a.m. in Novia Hebammen (https://novia-hebammen.de)


Yoga with Baby

You are going to experience a well-balanced yoga class that is aimed to stretch and to strengthen your body. The accent of the course is on the shoulders, arms, back and pelvic floor as the most challenging parts of the body after the birth of your baby. You and your baby would have a lot of fun together and in addition you would have a chance to get to know other young mothers.

Current classes: Tuesday and Friday 11:10 in Novia Hebammen (https://novia-hebammen.de ) as well as Thursday at 11:00 in Balance Yoga City.


The classes are  in German but I help to understand in case it is needed. If you are interested in classes in English, please contact me directly.