About Myself

I have been practising yoga for the past 15 years; during this time I have tried various yoga styles. I am attending different conferences, workshops and special events in sports, wellness, yoga and spirituality.  I have completed a yoga teachers trainings in vinyasa yoga as well as yin yoga, prenatal and kids yoga (see diplomas and certificates below). In spite of the fact that I am focused on these two yoga styles, my yoga classes include the entire experience and knowledge that I have gathered, so that my classes are more interesting and fulfilling.


The exercises / asanas are executed in rhythm with the breathing. A deep relaxation (Shavasana) with lavender eye pillows, simple breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation are normally included into my classes, in order for the relaxation to be not only physical, but also mental.

I teach yoga classes at different fitness studios, I also organize yoga in park in the warm period of the year and do special events for all interested in yoga.

Due to yoga my body and my life are more healthy and balanced than ever before, which is why I gladly share my knowledge and experience with others.

Another passion of mine is sewing. I make various accessories for yoga and unique things that bring a little bit more release and inspiration to our life. you can see the examples of my hand-made products in the section “Yoga Shop”.

Depending on the course, here are some things you will experience at my classes:

  • Exercises / asanas are executed in rhythm with the breathing and combined with each other in a single flow.
  • During the class the entire body is trained, as well as its certain parts: stretching is combined with powers exercises.
  • Light adjustments that improve the body position during the executing of asanas.
  • Yoga-Strips and Yoga-Blocks that assist in executing the asanas.
  • Cosy and relaxing atmosphere created through the candle light, aroma oils and music.
  • Pranayama (breathing exercises) and simple meditations, designed to calm down the mind, are really easy to perform.
  • Deep Shavasana (the relaxation at the end of the class) with lavender eye pillows.
  • If the group prefers, the class can be dedicated to a certain topic, for example, to work on certain muscle groups.