I think music can assist you while practising yoga a lot. When it is suitable, it can calm down the mind and thoughts, help you to concentrate yourself better on the class, to relax. I personally prefer to give yoga classes with light meditative music as a background. It could be also the sounds of nature. Some of the musicians I like particularly.

Snatam Kaur – sings Indian mantras and her own music. She adapts the mantras according to the taste of modern European people that is why they are very melodic and pleasant to hear. Her voice is really charming. Among my favorite compositions are: „Servant of Peace“, „Earth Prayer“, „Cherdi Kalaa“, „Omng Namo“, „Long Time Sun“ and many other.

Mitten & Deva Premal – sing as duet and separately. Their voices and music are very melodic and relaxing, also partly including mantras and the sounds of nature. Among my favorite compositions are: „So much magnificence“, „In the light of love you are home“, „Till I was loved by you“, „Heartbeat“, „Fly high“ and many more.